Special Programs

This program is designed to encourage Multiple District promotion of the Lion Mints Program. It is our belief that if Multiple Districts make a conscious effort to promote the sale of Lion Mints by actively promoting Candy Days and countertop sales, total Multiple District sales will increase.

Program #1

Multiple Districts will be paid a promotional fee equal to $5.00 per case for each case of Lion Mints purchased by a Lion, Lioness or Leo Club residing within the Multiple District’s boundaries.

The Multiple District shall appoint a Multiple District Chairperson to serve as a Lion Mints Program liaison between our candies and the Multiple District.

The Multiple District shall actively market the Lion Mints brand within its boundaries, including in newsletters, state magazines, websites and other communications. Multiple District representatives shall support the program by promoting the sale of Lion Mints at meetings and functions within the Multiple District.

Promotional fees will be paid to the Multiple District following the close of each calendar quarter. All fees will be based on the Multiple Districts total sales in the preceding calendar quarter.

Program #2

The Multiple District may purchase Lion Mints (minimum 50 cases) from us at bulk rates for direct resale to the Lion, Lioness and Leo Clubs within the Multiple District. Current bulk rates are:

Full Shipping Container – Approximately 1,250 Cases

Peppermint (576 Rolls) – $95.00
Wintergreen (576 Rolls) – $95.00
Fizzy Fruit Candy (576 Rolls) – $100.00
Sugar Free Spearmint (576 Rolls) – $100.00
Peppermint Drops (4,500 Pieces) – $70.00
Wintergreen Drops (4,500 Pieces) – $70.00
Partial Container – 50 Case Minimum (1 Pallet)
Peppermint (576 Rolls) – $100.00+ Shipping
Wintergreen (576 Rolls) – $100.00 + Shipping
Fizzy Fruit Candy (576 Rolls) – $105.00 + Shipping
Sugar Free Spearmint (576) Rolls – $105.00 + Shipping
Peppermint Drops (4,500 Pieces) – $75.00 + Shipping
Wintergreen Drops (4,500 Pieces) – $75.00 + Shipping

The Multiple District is responsible for all billings and collections and shall set its own pricing. We are responsible for delivering the product to the Multiple District’s designated warehouse or customer and ensuring the products safe delivery, quality, taste, etcetera.